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The aim of the Project

The aim of the project is to create methods for genomic epidemiology. The scientific objectives are to:
  • Develop and implement methods for rapid and simplified characterization of pathogenic and industrial bacteria even from incomplete or incompletely assembled genomes.
  • Create spatial-temporal tools for analyses of genome data with epidemiological information.
  • Create a web-based interface capable of exchanging the required data information.

    Expected results

    This project will provide the scientific foundation for a global web database which will allow rapid and simplified characterization of pathogenic, environmental and industrial bacteria. We will also develop statistical and epidemiological tools, which will allow integrated analysis of genome data with epidemiological information. The project is expected to provide a proof-of-concept for global online monitoring of pathogenic bacteria, where ideally anyone with Web access can follow the progression of infectious diseases in different geographical and environmental niches. The project will also provide a valuable tool for rapid extraction of relevant information from whole genome sequences for researchers working with industrial, environmental and pathogenic bacteria.


    The project is divided into 7 workpackages:

    WP 1. Tools for organization and analyses of complete and near complete total genome sequences. Leader: Thomas Sicheritz-PontÚn

    WP 2. Building from traditional classification methods. Leader: Ole Lund

    WP 3. Identification of novel genomic targets for epidemiology and evolutionary investigations. Leader: Frank Aarestrup

    WP 4. Future challenges in epidemiology: Holistic approaches. Leader: David Ussery

    WP 5. Prediction of organisms potential as a pathogen or non-pathogen. Leader: Ole Lund

    WP 6. Combining sequences with epidemic and geographic information. Leader: Frank Aarestrup

    WP 7. Building the web-interface. Leader: CDC

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    Contact: Vibeke Dybdahl Hammer, Telephone: +45 3588 6420, E-mail: vdha@food.dtu.dk
    Funded by: The Danish Council for Strategic Research